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One day while playing Mafia Wars...
nanay: Peng, could you please help me?

ako: with what?

nanay: pakitanggal lahat ng kurtina.

ako: holy shit!

nanay: holy cow!

the end.

Chronicles of the Blue Notebook

I Feel Like Crap
Damn it! I think I'm going crazy.

I have this heavy feeling in my chest.
Crazy week.

I want many things like:
- independence
- a new environment
- a place where no one else exists except me. I want to stay there for a week.
- did I say independence?

I want to stay in a dorm or at least, drive myself to school.
I feel like a kindergarten having my parents take me to school almost every friggin' day, goddamit!!!


Sembreak Lethargy

Im practically boring a hole though my computer chair. I wish there's something better to do.
Oh well. Maybe sembreaks are really meant to drive you insane. 

I miss school but our schedule is going to be really crappy. We'll be just be starting our class while everyone's on their way home. 7pm dismissal everyday. Great. 

Another sem of stolling through the streets of Lacson and Recto at night, after class. Another sem of rib-crashing rides in vans and jeepneys. 

I can't wait.

But on a positive-non-sarcastic tone, at least my parents are trying to come up with a scheme on how I'm going to get to school. I hope they'll drive me all the way to UST and wait for classes to end and drive me back home again. That would be really convenient on my part and totally suicidal on their's. Oh well, I'll just wait and see what happens. 

The product of a boring Saturday morning
 What Could Ever Happen in Green County?

Rafael Joseph C. Villarica


In the sunny farms of Green County,

There moved a couple, Shawn and Mary.

They gazed across the growing dusk,

Both of them sighed and asked,

“What could ever happen in Green County?”


Mary tends a farm of mangoes.

Shawn is a laborer and on his nape was a star tattoo.

When harvest ends, Shawn travels to bargain.

He leaves his wife in peace and asks,

“What could ever happen in Green County?”


Same thing happened for several years,

The couples grew even more at ease.

But one time their neighbor, by the name of John,

 Complains of infestation that on his farm came upon.

John eyed Shawn. Shawn eyed John.


One day Shawn left but didn’t return,

Mary grew sad and became concerned.

She asks her neighbor if he has seen Shawn,

John said he didn’t but Mary felt alarm.

On John’s face fleeted an ugly frown.


On their neighbor’s farm there now stands,

A figure so new but felt strangely familiar.

A headless scarecrow impaled on a wooden pole,

Everything was missing but the neck and torso.

A hat on top, straw bound tightly all around.


Mary staggered to take a closer look,

And beneath the layer of straw, she thought she saw,

Something different, something else…

A flesh rotting and it gives of this odor,

Mary fainted, she couldn’t take the horror.


She woke with a start and found out where she was,

On the farm floor. The toppled scarecrow beside.

Sun was setting, it was getting dark,

Faint images, she could barely make out.

She fumbled for support and unexpectedly her hands found.


The stump of whatever was left,

The neck of the scarecrow, how different it felt.

She flipped it over and her eyes gew wide,

There stares back a tattoo she could never deny.

It was a star, and she began to cry.

Mary wondered why she ever asked,

A stupid question she thought as not.

When the answer suddenly came flooding to her,

She wished she had never uttered the words,

“What could ever happen in Green County?”

They Hate It, I'm Still Thinking if I'll Hate them Back
I recently got this Holga120 from Hidalgo. I decided to get a 135 adapter because I think 120 is too expensive for regular use. Then there was this guy who entered the shop and stood beside be. He fits the stereotype look of a professional photographer with a sling bag and an slr dangling on his neck. He looked at my camera with obvious contempt and said "Asusmaryosep! naku po, tsk tsk" and chuckled then walked away as if nothing happened. His remark really got me boiling. Who does he think he is to give such an unnecessary and unsolicited comment? If he thinks I made a not-so-good purchase, he could have told me directly. He would have earned my respect if he did that, advising me on things that I ought to know. But he obviously didn't.

For me photography all about self-expression and passion. It's about preserving bits of scenes from everyday life that we thought would be nice to keep. You don't have to own a dslr and know the technicalities of photography just so that you can enjoy its privileges.

A little plastic camera would do. I'm not riding the bandwagon because I think walking around with a hip camera on me would look cool. I'm exploring lomography because it fits my philosophy. It defies all the rules that professional photographers made. It liberates me in such a way that I break the rules many people thought as necessary. Now I'm thinking if I should hate them back, but I think I won't. Cause I know they're missing a great deal of their life and I should be kind enough to just let it go.